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Delivery of goods

In the online store you can order goods in any time, during the whole period of day. You can always pick the delivery time and date which suits you best.
   Deliveries arrive through the courier companies straight to your home. Deliveries arrive during the period of 1-2 work days.
     You can also pick up the ordered goods yourself as a  result to avoid delivery charges. You can mark that you will take the goods yourself as you set up the order.
     The goods are being sent the following day after the payment is confirmed to our account. During the weekends and holidays deliveries are not being executed.
 By signing the acceptance-transfer documents, you confirm that the goods are not being damaged during the delivery. Each time you get the goods, inspect them in order to avoid receiving a damaged product.
      The deliveries are being made during work days from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Return of goods

Each product in our shop has a warranty which is being granted by representatives and manufacturers. The warranties depend on the specification of the goods. In order to repair the goods (you need a valid warranty) apply to our shop Babybee (Vaidoto st. 1, Kaunas) and we will discuss the following actions.
 All of our goods are refundable  during the 14 day period of time from the delivery. You can always choose if you want a full refund or if you want to exchange the products (transport costs excluded).
If you get a damaged or wrong product as an exchange you have a right to ask the seller for a new product. If the seller does not have anymore identical products, he has to give you back the money for the product you've bought.
In order to exchange or return the goods must meet the following criteria:
Make sure all of the labels on the product are affixed before sending it back to us;
The product has to be in his original packaging;
The item must  be undamaged by the buyer;
The product must be preserved in its commercial appearance (undamaged labels, tear film, etc.)
The returned item must be in the same set as received by the Buyer;
www.babybee.lt, within 7 days of receiving the replacement or return item, undertakes to inform the customer whether the item met the return / replacement criteria.If the returned / replaced item meets these criteria, we undertake to replace the item or refund the money paid for it within 14 days of receipt of the replaced / returned item.
All product features sold at www.babybee.com are listed collectively in the item description for each item.
The Seller is not responsible for the fact that the color, shape or other parameters of the goods in the online store may not fully correspond to the actual size, shape and color of the goods due to the characteristics of the display used by the Buyer, and the Seller is not responsible.

Warranty and returns do not apply to natural wear and tear.
    To return an item, notify us immediately by email. Email info@babybee.lt or phone: 8 688 21022